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Evictions and First Nation Housing

The eviction of a family is a heart-breaking event in a First Nation community. It is precisely during these events that we witness the full extent of family ties merging with political dynamic. Councils have been overturned, friendships have been damaged and Housing Directors have been fired or been victims of physical violence. To such an extent, some law enforcement officers may refuse to perform the actual eviction.

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Supporting Housing Policies ~ Shaping behaviours

First Nation Housing is subject to a complicated regulatory environment that allows First Nation to piecemeal local rules to answer local circumstances at any given time. How we manage lands, structure our member access to banks, allocate subsidies, allocate social housing, structure our finance department and tenant relations are all built on a different set of rules. Yet, we notice that they all achieve similar success and are confronted with similar difficulties.

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Preserving First Nation Culture Through Housing

It is widely recognized that First Nation housing is a major challenge for all communities, and for all intents and purposes, it’s Canada’s modern tragedy. Public hearing time and again are punctuated with heart-felt pleas for additional support or well through criticism against Canada’s policies.

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Our vision is to put an end to 500 years of economic, social and political disparities between the rest of Canada and First Nation communities so that our children may bene t from the same freedom of choice and opportunities within their communities as every other Canadian.