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Job title

Housing Policy Analyst

Contract Duration

Undetermined period of time

Application period

Closes on May 31st 2018, 16:00 ET


The following responsibilities are expected from the chosen candidate.

1-     First and foremost, the candidate will support the delivery of the Songideye Project in one First Nation community and develop its supporting documentation;

2-     Under the guidance of the project leader, the candidate will acquire data from First Nations;

3-     Under the guidance of the project leader, the candidate will deliver awareness campaigns;

4-     Under the guidance of the project leader, the candidate will conceptualize, manage and deliver housing days in First Nation communities;

5-     The candidate will perform research and development of housing training modules;

6-     The candidate will prepare the logistics of events;

7-     The candidate will recruit clients and pitch project ideas’.


University degree or appropriate experience;

Fairly good understanding of housing;

Strong understanding of First Nation issues;

Excellent English & Good French Skills.


Believes in the vision;       

Acts with integrity & honesty;


Strong analytical & communication skills;

Proven group work; 

Ability to think outside the box;

Hard Working;

Be willing to travel is essential

Start date


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Our vision is to put an end to 500 years of economic, social and political disparities between the rest of Canada and First Nation communities so that our children may bene t from the same freedom of choice and opportunities within their communities as every other Canadian.